Welcome to Tredu Club!

Our non-profit organization is passionately committed to a wide range of initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable business and living. We are not only focusing on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, but are also integrating the important topic of youth work into all our efforts.

Our diverse offerings and activities now extend not only to education and training, sport and the preservation of cultural heritage, but also to targeted programs to support young people. We firmly believe that today’s young people are the shapers of tomorrow’s world, which is why we place particular emphasis on empowering and inspiring them.

With a focus on environmental sustainability and regenerative entrepreneurship, we not only provide resources and training for businesses, but also for young people interested in pursuing an environmentally conscious career or starting a business.

Our commitment to social inclusion and combating discrimination and racism extends to youth work, creating safe and supportive environments in which young people can thrive regardless of their background or identity.

Through this holistic approach, we not only support sustainable business management and lifestyle for our members, but also give young people the opportunity to actively participate in shaping a better future. We encourage them to get involved, express themselves and network with like-minded people to bring about positive change together.

In addition, we consciously strive for collaboration and cooperation with other youth organizations in Austria and worldwide. Because we firmly believe that real change is only possible through joint efforts and the exchange of ideas.